Powerful, privacy-preserving learning research

SafeInsights opens the door to better learning experiences for students and educators through research at unmatched power, scale, and safety.

An innovative approach for learning about learning

SafeInsights is an inclusive large-scale research and development hub for education led by OpenStax at Rice University.

SafeInsights uses a unique approach that unlocks valuable insights into learning without ever revealing any student information to researchers or moving that information away from the trusted places where it already safely lives. Student privacy is our top priority.

Research that works for everyone

SafeInsights brings benefits to the community that supports educators and students so they can work together to solve challenging problems in education.


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SafeInsights brings research expertise to schools to help them answer complex questions they face about how best to teach their students and advance their programs.


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SafeInsights empowers researchers to gain insights about diverse learning experiences that will help educators base their instruction on reliable, research-informed practice.

Learning Platforms

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SafeInsights helps learning platforms quickly add research-backed features into their products so that cutting edge science can make it into the hands of students and educators.


Supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation

SafeInsights is made possible by a historic investment from the U.S. National Science Foundation. NSF’s award from its Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-2 program will support a team of 80 institutions and partners from across the nation coming together to build this important secure research platform and community.

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World Class Team

SafeInsights will serve as a central hub for a multidisciplinary team of partners and collaborating institutions.

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